Why is there no “Fuck 2017” meme?

Finally, a headline that is exempt from the infamous law.

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Another generic “personal events” post

I don’t know if I’ve said this yet on the blog (I have elsewhere), but I like to take walks at night… in the dark. With no flashlight. I go on public roads. If I was black, I probably would’ve been seriously hurt because of this by now. Thus, I take my privilege as an excuse to get fucking thin. Because if I’m not fit, I can’t really blog like a champ. It’s fun to walk while you listen to various Yes recordings, official and/or bootlegged. I have no idea if I could sing so loud the neighbors’d notice.

I could have even more music on my phone if my SD card was bigger… but I’m not really in a habit of spending money right now. I do, however, want more, but not too much. Seriously, I’m afraid if I win the lottery, I’ll somehow lose my morality extremely fast and become genuinely evil in a matter of… minutes? Even entering one of those generous giveaways from Publisher’s Clearing House gave me heart palpitations earlier this week. I only focused on the more than one in a billion chance that I might win the grand prize rather than just wondering about it and moving on. My brain sucks like that. Though instances such as this where I’m paranoid of a contest’s side effects is actually better than than being bombarded with the constant negativity and nihilism this society inflicts upon us in order to make us give up. I will never stand down to this, and I encourage you to do the same.

When I actually get a job and have a steady stream of cash (assuming… no, assuming that I’m not a millionaire), I’ll start donating to people and charitable causes more often. Because they all deserve our love. You don’t need to be a rich bastard to realize that. And the golden rule… that’s fun, too. It’s the closest thing to a code of conduct written in the fabric of the Universe that we have. And that is why I… keep the faith. Oh yeah! You can have all your political insights fulfilled by two guys named Dave on Twitter, but it pays to think for yourself. Also, participate in contests responsibly. Go for it, even if you have Autism. I’m really on a roll here, so finally I’ll just advise you to boycott The A.V. Club for continuous use of the goddamn dreaded “nuclear conflict is happening tomorrow” trope. Have a nice night.

Pro Capitol Switchboard Strats

So the President is apparently going to end the DACA program to help undocumented immigrants stay in the country. I don’t agree with this decision, not even with giving it a six-month delay before the program ends. So I’m going to call my state Senators/Congressperson and show them how I feel.

Just dial (202) 224-3121 to get to your reps… although I have them all saved individually as contacts on my phone.

Now… the thing is, you’re pretty much required to do this if you resist even a little bit of the current agenda. Obviously, we all agree or disagree with things in government. Is one who does not actively participate in government one of those “complicit in the insanity”? Probably, but I’d rather not use such harsh words. But for the people who call, I’d like to know how they approach it. I fear that calling my reps too often within a certain amount of time will make them assume I’m a repeat caller, and thus, a weirdo. Would they be more or less likely to prioritize the input I have in their workings?

So I tend to not prioritize lots of calls. Instead, I space things out, often taking a week or more between sessions. On the other hand, I don’t mind emailing them as much as humanely possible, but that is not going to get much done in a shorter amount of time, given the caveats of this system. In order to combat the lack of priority given to some issues, I might actually split the issues between politicans, so that one of them gets one issue they may not have heard about (it could be common sense to the other). Maybe I’d save the most important issue for the one who I trust the most. it’s all interesting to think about.

So yes, please do your part to make the world a better place. Maybe in a few months, I’ll post an editorial blisteringly criticizing yours, because things will’ve degenerated to the point of exhaustion.

A little bit…. reasonable?

Hey… I just wanted to make a post for all of everyone in the room. Yes, even you. That guy at the computer, or alternatively a phone?

You matter. I hope that seems clear enough to you. There are a lot of stupid motherfuckers on this planet who seek to destroy us, whether it be through psychological torture (everything’s alright… really!) or pure, unadulterated fatalism. The guy upstairs who is practically egging a nuclear war to happen deserves to be IGNORED. Seriously, it’s only going to be more likely to happen if more people say this out.

A lot of awful things have happened this year, and quite frankly, there are just going to be more and more that happen in the years ahead. But I say we keep a positive attitude through all of this (though maybe not optimism) and just take the future one shank at a time. Never shut up. Keep calling your representatives and stuff, and maybe punch a few evil henchmen in the process. I know in my heart that this universe is fucked, but it is able to be un-fucked. Basically, if you can think you’ll do it, it won’t be good if you keep complaining about it. Maybe our children (if we choose to have them) will see it all through.

And please… do practice self-care. You don’t have to be admitted to prison for nine years or so until you somehow gain an eternal sense of goodness, but please: Enough with the Twittering. Try taking breaks once in a while. Watch TV shows, talk about ’em with your friends. Do better in the world through taking up a new hobby, or maybe learn a new language. Anything, anything at all to destroy the eternal shackles of horror from an awful administration you live under.

Just… be better, okay? I see too many people who live under a cloud of black, never seeing leaves of green. But I also see others who are perfectly happy without ever mentioning politics. I know in my heart that the best society is populated with people who do the former with style and grace. And shitposts, so they can make me laugh, but enough with this!


A little check-in.

I’m still doing summer Calculus. I’ll be on campus for four days straight as part of a math studying event. It should be fun… whenever I’m not stressed, unable to focus, and subsequently reaching for my phone. But hopefully they’ll have food.

My class is over around the second week of August. We’ll be back to a full load of content by then. In the meantime, maybe glance upon the archives to see what’s good.