Chapter 1.Unknown: A Beginning

Erm… let’s give this another try.

My name is Gordon, and I am a community college student living in New Hampshire. I live about five minutes from the Massachusetts border, so that’s where I go to school. In my spare time, I enjoy arguing, consuming various types of media and then critically analyzing them, eating, and drinking. Right now, I really like Dr Pepper. I also think that Neopets is a really cool website and worthy of your time, even if it’s been seventeen years after it launched.

This blog has been created with a certain purpose: To see if humanity’s final days are here without us actually knowing it. It’s called “Any Given Doomsday” because… you know, Giant Meteor 2016. But it is my opinion that 2017 is going to be an even worse year than the last. We’re four days in, but I feel confident in saying that. Because, really, what good could come from having a bunch of┬ástrange and unexplainably popular people in the White House, the center of operations for the free world as we know it? I want to make this blog appealing to both political parties, so I’ll remain somewhat vague except for talking about facts. But in an attempt to make the truth the actual law of the land, I need to stay sane. One way I do that is by watching anime.

Yeah. You’re hooked now, aren’t you?

I like TV shows, including anime, and other pursuits of pleasure, so one of my planned features on this blog is to talk about them in a segment called “Have You Considered…?”. Look for the next installment of that… any time this month, probably. I also have a column lined up titled “Certified Good Shit”, where I talk about stuff I like. It’s only certified to be good shit by me, though, so don’t go waving those opinions around like they’re the gospel. I’ll also talk about other things here, such as important things you can do in the world that have to do with anything. They may or may not have to do with politics. I’ll keep you hanging on that. =]

So with that, welcome to the madhouse. Enjoy your stay, please. I’ll be seeing you on the other side of the meat grinder.


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