A Few Words on Pleasure

Lately, I’ve been thinking: I like to burp. Why? Because it lets me relive the taste of the food I just ate. I don’t know if this is a thing people on the autism spectrum do or if it’s a secret epidemic, but for much of my life, I’ve swallowed up air and burped it back out under my own command. I used to think that this habit was caused because of an allergy to onions. You see, when I eat those, my throat gets all blotchy. It expands, and I think there’s food trapped in there. I used to try to burp it out, but then I realized I was doing it a lot more than that.

Perhaps it is because of my nature as a being that prefers to do most of his fun things inside the house, where socialization is at a minimum, but I think this burping might be how I get my fix of dopamine. When I burp up coffee that was recently drank, I get to experience that nutty flavor with added reactions from the creamer all over again. This habit tends to annoy some people, and it also annoys me, because it means I fall back on such a pointless habit as a way to trigger those pleasure switches. I hate that. It’s a sign of failure from a being that’s always expecting the most unique and personally tailored experiences. So I try not to burp that often anymore, except when I have to. Because, you know, I’m really into Mountain Dew… and many of its fellow companions on the PepsiCo product line.


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