I Am Content with Merely Existing, and Other True Stories

Let me tell you a quick summary of what I’ve done today:

  • I got up.
  • I did some stuff on Neopets.
  • I listened to the entirety of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s soundtrack (with both expansions) while on Twitter and Neopets.
  • I ate some brownies manufactured by my sister and mother while doing the previous.
  • Finally deciding to do something useful with my life, I started this blog post to tell you about all of this.

So that’s something.

Today, my body is filled with spiteful ennui. I just want to release it, somehow, but my mind is too occupied with doing menial tasks with little dopamine reward. Later on, I will embark on a trip to the community college to continue the Engineering Physics class taught by a Korean. It’s riveting stuff.

I exist. But for how long? Has the ruling class fucked up my future so that I’ll never live as long as my ancestors? Is having a child pointless because of the effects global warming will soon have on harming many people of this planet? Quite frankly, I don’t care. I live for the now, and in my nihilistic state of mind, I exist. I demand pleasure and good experiences. I want to cosplay as a crossdressing male anime character. I want to attain five million Neopoints, or more. I’d like to visit California. And I’d like to accomplish all of these goals within a few years. I don’t have any long-term goals because I have no idea if there will be a long term. But there will be a short term, and I’ll make sure to fight for what is right so that short term can exist for longer. Because while thinking for the future may be foolish, there’s nothing that says it’s wrong for you to extend your present.

And maybe I’ll find a girlfriend at some point. Also, I want to try pot brownies. Or anything with marijuana in it, for that matter. Drugs are good, and so is religion. They make you think life actually has ulterior meaning.


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