Pink Bori Plushie #2: [muffled sound of Xandra eating a burrito]


Also, a little warning shot: There will be political discussion in this one. =<

So TJST (The JumpStart Team) recently released an item called the “Burrito in the Wall”, which is as follows:

Apparently, people got mad (but oddly, not those on Reddit) at this item because they thought it was a dig at their preferred presidential candidate of the year 2016. Being released a few days before his inauguration certainly helped their cause. And I guess JumpStart didn’t like the blowback from it, so just this week, the item was removed. I guess they wanted people to see it as a reference to “Another Brick in the Wall, Parts 1-3” by Pink Floyd, the British rock band, which makes no sense because JumpStart is an American company trying to impersonate a British one, and there was no part of me which connected the image to that. But looking back on it, I guess it’s a funny reference, even if I never connected it to the Great Orange One and his policy plans. Heck, if they really had intended to reign the GOP in, they would have made a background featuring a taco truck. Something like this would have been nice:

Desmond & Tacos.png

“She wanted to build a wall around Faerieland and make the faeries pay for it. But at least my tacos taste good… you inconsiderate owner.”

Either that, or a trinket of a miniature taco truck that follows your pet around. But either way, this is all meaningless. I’m not sure you can cull the political agenda from a website that lets your pet switch genders with a magical potion. Also, Neopia doesn’t have immigrants… except for the Grundos, of course. But people love having them around.

Anyway, as of right now, the main priority for me in Neo is selling my items. I want more capital… at least enough to get the Number Six avatar. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go look it up on Jellyneo. But yeah, going back to Reddit for a second, here is an ulterior list of my items (with a Trading Post link within) and what I want for them. Most of them are either products of restocking or valuable items from my SDB. Make sure to drop me a line any time, preferably with both hands covered in habanero sauce.

[thanks for reading]


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