The Witness to Tyranny in Peppertown

I stare at the Dr Pepper. It has been sitting there on the desk for over two hours without being moved… aside from minute fluctuations in spacetime, probably. But when do I drink it? I don’t need the caffeine nor the sugar, and yet soda is part of what I live for.

41mg. The Mountain Dew Kickstart I consumed this morning had 92mg. Add that up and it’s probably less caffeine than a typical cup of coffee. I need to drink the Dunkin Donuts’ iced coffee drinks in the fridge soon, even if they have more sugar than your typical can of Mountain Dew.

Natural gas is good. Caffeine is also good. They give you ideas. But I have too much energy in the morning, so coffee isn’t of much use to me. I have ideas. Lately, there’s been talk of “the resistance”, a good idea. But only to some people. I would rather just exist than resist, but both are neccessary of me because of what I believe in. People have no idea that being in the resistance can make you look like a hypocrite about similar things. For one thing, they probably continue to buy clothes made with slave labor and eat food produced by a company which has dabbled in slave labor. These people from the resistance act as if they’re the only good people in the country and that everyone else have lost their goddamn minds, and yet they continue to let those people know why they matter through little fault of their own. Is that a bad thing? Of course not, but it does put the idea of resisting in perspective. Even if the offense is minor, it doesn’t play in favor of consistency.

I really hate people like this. There is no set morality in the world, so there’s really nothing to go off of. Maybe the people we think are the enemies really are nice… they just have skewed morals which need fixing. I think all humans were sentenced to live on Earth as punishment for crimes in another reality, and if they learn to come to terms with that, they can become genuinely good people. This is why I can’t be a misanthropist… it would be too lame to hang a general judgment on seven billion of these fuckers. Everyone who makes Dr Pepper is probably at least a decent person. I mean, the fact that it’s less sweet than other sodas is mostly why I like it. But if a person who bottles the soda is secretly a homicidal white nationalist… that would suck, but here’s the thing: People from all walks of life continue to fund evil on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it’s something that’s virtually impossible to stop. So I’ll drink my soda with a tinge of guilt, and I will try harder next time, but taking this as an opportunity to only buy responsibly-made products seems rather cruel. In that case, I wouldn’t be able to own a phone, or buy Hot Pockets. I’ve understood that Nestlé is not a very ethical company, but it’s all worth it for the crispy taste of extremely hot pastry pies with occasional cheese.

So please: When it comes to resisting, you have to know your limits. Feel free to fight our “mafia-run government” at every opportunity, but do realize that you won’t be able to win every battle you take. Personally, I recommend a steady diet of resistance as well as… existence. The will to exist is a fine way to ignore the casualties of truth and goodness currently going on in the world right now. Find something that makes you happy, and enjoy it. Like this can of soda I have seven millimeters away from my wrist right now.

Mmm… so peppery.


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