Pink Bori Plushie #2.5: Backed Into a Charity Corner


Let me say that I have a decent track record regarding Neopian events. I competed in Altador Cups IV through X, not doing better than Rank 4 (VI, where my team took second place) in any of them, but I skipped XI, which was won by Mystery Island. I’ve been a member of that team for all my Neopian career, no switching team for me, because I have my Neohome on the island and I’ve enjoyed it for all my life. It’s sunny down there, and why bother with cold New England winters when you can just visit the mountainous regions of Neopia with just a few clicks? But yeah, that pissed me off.

The Faerie’s Ruin remains the only major plot in the history of Neopets I’ve participated in. You could also count Atlas of the Ancients, but that wasn’t a good event by any means. However, I have a disproportionately high amount of Daily Dare and Games Master Challenge event trophies, which makes me look like a mere scrub. I totally missed the Spooky Food Eating Contest and had a mere pittance in regards to the War for the Obelisk, which was counterbalanced by the fact that I joined The Sway. ­čśÄ

I’ve also missed both prior installments of the Charity Corner, which has quickly become one of the most polarizing yearly events in the history of Neopets… but this most recent third iteration┬áhas basically fallen into my lap.

If you have no idea what this event means, allow me to explain: A kind Elderly Girl Acara named Granny Hopbobbins is very charitable, and she wants us to give items to her for some needy cause. This year, she wants to build a community hall for Neopia Central… or maybe some other place, I don’t know. It could be in Faerieland, next to the broken down buildings and egregiously-placed Xandra statue for the population to dry hump whenever they want. I would get a lot of mileage out of her.

But in order to start this project, she needs supplies. Particularly, books (even if they’ll go up in smoke when read for the first time), food, furniture, and other shit. You can donate five items at a time to TNT staffers who look nothing like the people we knew and loved when we were kids (*sniff*… come back, Snarkie), but they all must have similar rarities. Upon donating the items, you’ll get a similar-raritied item in return, so donating five items of r90 or higher will get you any item from r90 to r99 which stocks in a shop. And they can be quite valuable, encompassing rare stamps, morphing potions, Battledome weapons, and the like.

Already, you can see where this is going. And it ain’t a good place!

So Neopians hoard all of the cheap items with high rarities they can and donate them to Mrs. Hopbobbins (is she married?) in exchange for great items. And I did that… with four million Neopoints of my own. You see, I had a few Neopian goals in mind to accomplish before the end of January: Get Desmond_3339 up to Level 50, so he could learn Lens Flare; restock some good items (a Turned Tooth and at least one unbuyable Morphing Potion… I got three of the latter); and get 5M in the National Neopian. I accomplished all three, but not without difficulty, and while I spent a bit of the dough at the start of the month to future-proof Desmond’s BD set (more on that another time), I had no idea that this shitfest was coming, so when I found out I could make a ton of money profiting off of it… I bought the farm.


That button is NOT FUNCTIONAL, mister.

No, I’m not dead, but after this binge, I might as well be. Out of around thirty-five┬ádonations, the most expensive items I got were the two morphing potions seen here, and a Quilin Stamp worth over 2.5 million NP. That one is currently in an auction.

After forty total rotations, I can see why this event is hated and/or loved among members of the site. It creates an unstable economic climate in Neopia, and such a glut of rare items can cause people to crazy with power. However, the NeoBoards seem to be loving it, with the Trading/Auction board seeing activity on the levels of the days when Neopets was a billion-dollar website! Lord, how many people do you think are on here at any given time? Five thousand? Well, let’s not stand for that!┬áTen thousand, twenty thousand, all the people who wanted their piece of the pie when it came to the Lost Desert plot. All of those tombs! One tomb for every six hundred and forty-nine people who walk through our doors? Mrs. Hopbobbins, keep at it with your… shelter!

Yeah, you’ll do that. You’ll send this girl into space to propagate further human indecency, and then you’ll start to put a Charity Corner on every corner. No taco trucks for us, oh no!

Anyways, I’m currently selling these items I got from the charity event. Hit me up if you want to buy them. They’re all selling at gordy_777, I prefer to be NeoMailed offers and such at blatch0, since that account isn’t silenced and I actually have access to it right now.

Also anyways, the anime video up there is related to┬áwhat I’ll be talking about next. Consider yourself… scared.


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