Have You Considered… Himegoto?

Of course I’m going there.

The show: Himegoto (2014)

How to watch it: Legally, on Crunchyroll, or you can buy the official Blu-ray, but that one lacks subtitles. No official American media release of the show exists, though you could pester Media Blasters to license it.

What’s it about?  Well, the main character is Hime Arikawa, an inexplicably pink-haired high school boy who apparently has debts… blame his globe-trotting and generally awful parents on that. Right as he’s about to be taken by secret service agents to be trafficked to a fetishist (hence the maid outfit), they get their asses kicked by a few high school girls. They’re part of the student council, and as such the have the ability to ween Hime out of his debts. However, they still want him to crossdress and basically be their personal slave… err, dog. One of Brent’s best dogs.

Yup. That’s the whole show.

The meat of it: First of all, Hime’s parents are such assholes. My god, I could imagine going on vacation while my very Japanese child stays at home and disciplines himself, but reckless abandonment like that shouldn’t be tolerated.

As well… uh, I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of these people in a positive context, but if you have, it was probably sarcastic. The truth is, Himegoto is not a good program, and I’ll admit that up front. TVTropes thinks it’s awful, and so do other people whose names will never be known. But this show speaks to me in a peculiar way… you see, I guess somewhere down the line, I developed a fetish for doing things out of line. This includes the both present article and BDSM. This show is like a reverse power fantasy I wish I could be carrying out. The way the show’s humor is based on shame and humiliation… I love it. And the different outfits Hime gets dressed up in… you can’t beat them. Really. Even the standard female school uniform (and/or anything else) seems sexier when your penis is bulging into it.

Seductive Hime.jpg

See? Look down there. You know you want to.

But yeah. The people on the student council have very weird names: 18+, Bell (really Albertina III), and Unko. There’s also Hime’s brother Kaguya, also a crossdresser, who thinks Hime is being sexually harassed too much. You’d probably assume that if the sight of his bulge caused the local sports teams to do really well.


From left to right: Bell, Unko, 18+, and the cumrag.

The fact that all sexiness is inferred plays against the show’s bad production values. The animation isn’t off model so much as it has no model to speak of. Characters squash and stretch minor dimensions between episode, and the whole of it just feels very unrefined. The voice acting can be annoying if you aren’t prepared for it, since all of the main characters are voiced by girls, and they often barely interject with each other, John Green-style. You’d probably like these VAs better in another anime, particularly Yu(u)ki Kuwahara, who is in an anime this season; Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, big ticket, and she voices Tohru. Try getting this association out of your head.

I feel like I should have also mentioned by now that each episode of the show is only four minutes long, with thirty seconds of each being dedicated to the opening theme. So if you end up hating this particular show in the end, at least you don’t have to wait long to finish washing it down. =)



[Bell, Unko, Hime, 18_, Oda, Hiro, Kaguya, and #1; check for their genders] – [sourced from Norio Tsukudani’s Pixiv account, album @ http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode-medium&illust_id=46260957

As the show goes on, the plots never rise up out of being basic. You have an episode taking place at the school festival, one where they go to the mall (and Hime is forced to test out bras), and the various combinations of characters helping out in school. Since the original There’s also an episode primarily featuring the characters from the show’s manga spin-off (same mangaka) as they investigate decency within the school and stuff. Of course, one of them is Hime’s own brother, and he doesn’t mind him being subjected to transphobic acts! Apparently, more people liked those characters as opposed to the mean-ass student council, and every member of that group crossdresses (including the one who’s always in a maid outfit, and the reverse trap). They must have wanted their sexy with their… uh, decency. Yes, decency all the way.

There’s also a very short arc at the end of the show where Hime gets harassed even further and quits his job at the student council, but in true SoL cliche fashion, that doesn’t go anywhere, so I won’t talk about it anywhere else. But yeah, read the manga if you want more closure on it. I know of a slightly not un-illegal site which distribute this kind of show, most of which among the genre will never be officially published… I get it, but it’s still saddening.

Ultimately, I don’t care what you do with Himegoto. You might like how smutty it is, or you’ll disown it for being too weird and shoddily produced. Either way, I hope you at least join the crossdressing club for at least one day and try it on.

This show is for… genderfluid “freaks” whom the government thinks don’t exist; people who want something different; and those with Bile Fascination.

What it means to me: That Sword Art Online doesn’t have to be the only power fantasy anime people hate. Also, I ❤ the bulge.

Play me off, Kaguya!

Bomb Bonjovi.jpg

[brother represent brother… well, sort of]


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