RE: Typicality

Today, I went to the local supermarket to buy some stuff. Our local chain is pretty cool, honestly. It’s known as the Market of the Basket. They make a lot of their own food, especially the soda, but it’s often really cheap and tastes gross compared to the familiar products. Really, it’s one of the types of food I don’t buy store brands of, mostly since I want to avoid the brominated vegetable oil in their fruity sodas and such.

So I went in, soon lost my mother, and then made three complete trips around the store and was on a fourth before I found her buying vegetables for a homemade pie. From there, I followed here most of the way. I left with having bought some awesome potato chip dip (horseradish/french onion flavor, which is delicious) and a Diet Mountain Dew, which I drank with my supper of pizza and cheesy breadsticks from the pizza place.

Occasionally, going to the store gets boring. I don’t know how my mom can spend so much money so often on food. We need to stop consuming it so often and so quickly. After all, this is why I’m obese. I often joke about being a “recreational eater” who consumes when me feels like it, but this is a problem that definitely resonates with the rest of the family, especially my sister, who has been addicted to snacks like popcorn and pretzels in huge bag form for several months. But she also uses the family’s treadmill a lot to exercise and lose weight. She’s lost over ten pounds since she started the routine!  It’s typical of her, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

So please: Don’t make mass consuming of food, anime, political jargon, or any other notable desire normal. Space out your life… give it room to breathe, and room to prosper. After all, this is a good part of why I decided to make this blog in the first place. I hoped it would give me great ideas, and I guess it’s working. So yay.


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