So the Academy Awards are tonight. I’ll be counter-programming them with [adult swim] and working on a Chemistry test.

If you ask me, Hollywood is a bunch of hypocrites, because of what they’ve done, or rather, continue to not do. We hear them talk about how much liberal politics are awesome, but what have they ever done to change the system? Only rarely have I heard of the celebrity elites stepping beyond the city of Los Angeles and stopping the construction of oil pipelines (thank you, Mark Ruffalo), and maybe afterward reaching out to undecided voters in Wisconsin. These people have turned their art form into a safe space, spouting the same anti-Trump opinions over and over again with little regard for the opposition. But of course, they do have some occasional conservative busybodies in their hobby now and again. After all, why you think Mel Gibson still gets work?

Regardless, I don’t know if there will be politics discussion tonight, but I hope there isn’t. And I haven’t even seen any of the nominees for Best Picture… I did, however, watch The Nice Guys, which was a great film. Man, California in the 1970’s must have been a trip. There was no Twitter back then, so when you saw people doing pro-environment die-in protests, it was something to behold. I wonder how come this was the movie Ryan Gosling didn’t get a nomination for.


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