An Introduction to Subjective Irony

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be quite a few works of pop culture coming out which imply our impending doom. There’s a pilot ABC has in the works. It’s called “Doomsday”, and it’s basically about how, after 9/11, the United States government asked some people to come up with ways the world could end, but then one of them actually happened in the show, so now those people are free, and they get to live out their lives as… an ABC drama.

And look, I get that television is an escapist medium, and tragic stories are popular because the audience has no stake in anything happening, but goodness, that’s a bit too on the nose. At a time when the world is seemingly at its greatest risk of splitting apart in the history of civilized society, television shows like this are seemingly a little on the nose. And I don’t have to say anything about nuclear launch codes for this to be relevant today, because look at the news!

This isn’t the only pop culture piece to exhibit such erratic behavior, too. Just today, I read news of a movie called “Extinction”. Just read the title again. In fact, you might be here because you read the linked article about it on Deadline. In that case, hi there, and I hope my opinions matter to you. But yeah, I just can’t gel with stories about our whole world on the line and/or politics portrayed as a joke, because that’s how Earth is right now. But, speaking of non-existential matters… how about Neopets, eh? The Daily Dare just started today, and I have an article about games in the works.

Tell you what: New Pink Bori Plushie soon. You can count on that, but not my collegiate performance.


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