Thoughtbox! Aqours’ HAPPY PARTY TRAIN


So I came home from the college today only to find out that my parents had already gotten the mail, which included my newest paper copy of The Nation, the Neopets Puzzle Adventure (sealed) copy for Nintendo DS I got from eBay, and my newest Japanese pop album.

But yeah, at least I still had to open it.

If you don’t know from my Twitter page, I adore the Love Love! franchise. And if you don’t, well… You from the April Fools’ puppet show (seriously, it’s great; watch it) is my avatar right now. She’s my favorite of Aqours, and terminally very cute.

So with knowledge of Sunshine!!’s first season, I owed it to myself to order the next single before it came out. And it arrived not so long ago.


Yes, this is what I paid almost thirty bucks for. And it might seem like overkill even if you’re a fan of the show, since you can just pirate all their songs on the Internet (specific sites have them), but I feel like I scrounge up enough through personal accomplishments and selling my old video games to buy these singles on a daily basis. I mean, I rarely ever get any other music, since a lot of it is free or paid for by my parents, so why not treat myself? And I do love lots of different genres, such as classic rock, older progressive rock (including the most pretentious Yes albums), chiptunes, and some¬†American pop songs (Halsey is pretty good), but mostly idol music. And this album is worth the price of admission on its own, I think. If you need audio proof of that, here’s a commercial.

The title track of this third Aqours single is basically a ballad the whole way down. It’s like they still had some extract of Snow Halation in the back room and felt like using it up for this one. And it’s… beautiful. I guess they based a lot of it off the recent Aqours popularity poll to see who’d be on the cover of this album. Of course Kanan won, and she got the longest solo. But I just wanted my beloved Yousoro to be pretty, and she was. And I also really loved Yohane’s collection of figurines. I assume they’re at this point of the anime’s story where… they make their own merchandise? How does that even work? I never understood that from the original show. Do they just micromanage this on their own, or do they get a private firm to manufacture everything? It still puzzles me.

So then you have SKY JOURNEY, my favorite track of the three, which is also a ballad with some EDM mixed in, and the third track (Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai) is more straight EDM. I could dance to it, but I can’t think of an opportunity where I ever would. And there are audio dramas which are useless without looking for some Internet dude who subbed it beforehand.

God, I love J-Pop. In this fucking insane world of 2017 where everyone wants to create violence and fatalistic destruction, we need all the optimism we can get. And what better place to start than with the collective works of Aki Hata and the unflinching shadow industry of Aqours?


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