Unreasonable Verve

Right now, I feel like I keep hitting a wall. It’s mostly because I started taking my ADHD medicine again. I do 54 mg of Concerta… or, I did back in high school. I started taking it again as a way of making sure I study for the things I need to before the end of my college semester. Basically, I needed a massive boost to my senses. Concerta helps me stay focused on class, so long as I’m actually concentrating on the teacher, and it also gives me an energy boost. It’s like Ritalin, but a bit less concentrated. Maybe you can’t get high on it.

The downside is that the medicine… well, it makes me edgy. I felt like it was making me more introverted back in high school, which is kinda bad since I already am one to the hardcore, but I guess I can overcome it with enough sheer willpower. It locks me into whatever my brain is thinking, and that’s the other real downside. With Concerta, I must be thinking of something at all times, and it doesn’t always involve what I’m being educated on. It also seems to increase some OCD-esque habits I have, as well as burping. So that can be a problem. But it’s pretty good when I’m in class because, at least for this week, I actually feel like I’ve retained the knowledge of what I’ve learned. Basically, ask me about Lewis structures, which is chemistry. I’ve got that shit covered front to back, and I can draw you a model of carbon dioxide if you want. Double bonds, please. Double bonds!

So yeah. Medicine, I ain’t a fan of, but it helps me, so I’m not sure I can complain about it. And seemingly 75% of the Internet is autistic and/or has ADHD, so I’d love to hear your experiences with medicine. Just drop me a comment. I guess I don’t have any for a single article in my blog, and I’d like to fix that. So please: Whatever keeps my satisfaction levels up.


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