I’ll Throw You Off The Mountain

Do you want to know what I hate? Fatalism. But I hope you know that already.

There are too many people… too many fucking people, who just think that the world is ending tomorrow. And they want everyone to know about it. No brand new jokes. Just the same old same old about nuclear war. Look, now. Even if I don’t think things are all that great right now, you have to think of all the possible ways this thing could turn. Maybe he doesn’t really get that whole shtick with stopping nuclear proliferation and starts a nuclear arms race. And perhaps he does reach for the football some day. But there are so many goddamn ways the world could go kablooey before you even finish breathing. What if some dolt in Canada accidentally triggers a bomb? And what if it knocks out the radio signal in Russia keeping those nukes from launching? And what if everything leads to everything leads to everything else and the subs play by mistake and Toonami gets canceled and we all fucking die for it? Huh?

Let’s not think about that. Because, at some point, you’re just tailgating your own funeral. What if today is the armageddon for you, huh? You could get a heart attack, or maybe be the victim of a car crash brought upon by malpractice. Or maybe you killed yourself out of spite because Heather got sent home from the dancing show. But that must have already happened, and you’re reading this blog post from beyond the grave. Make sure to say hello in the comments section, okay?

The point is, one thing that will always be a part of the cosmic struggle is overcoming pessimism. And for what it’s worth, nihilism is not pessimism, and nor is it fatalism. It’s just that you don’t care about what anyone else is feeling, because they’re ultimately meaningless anyway, as are you. You need to overcome the usefulness of this universe and set a personal meaning. I kinda feel that way. After all, going to college while in the middle of the most craziest worldview of your life can be some tough shit, but the shit finds a way. As does passing back-to-back Calculus tests so you can just barely squeak by for the semester.

So stop being rational, because this world is certainly not abiding by it. Set a course that involves whatever crazy shit you want, just like me. Now, if you’ll do me a favor, I have to get back to utterly treasuring The Nation until it somehow drops a story that disappoints us all and discredits liberalism forever.


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