The Spoils of Irreverence

Happy college finals week, everyone! Or perhaps two of them, because I don’t know how this is scheduled for most people. But I have finals this week: For Chemistry, Engineering Physics (which I’ve been certain I’ll fail even before this last test), and Calculus… I.

I have a test today for Chemistry, but it’s actually not the final. I just get one more test before the final is posted online starting Wednesday. It’s cool how the teacher lets us review the last part of the course before the giant cumulative test at the end, but I imagine this is not suitable for everyone. But this culture groomed me on taking tests, and as long as they’re not standardized, I’ll study hard for them and hopefully do well.

Calculus was actually the same way, only we were tested on antiderivatives and basic integration last week before the final. I really hope I pass this course, since I’m serious about going into a field of engineering (electrical, maybe), so I want to have the math skills to back me up. I can just smell that sweet STEM money coming from a mile away…

To everyone else: Good luck on your tests. Hopefully, we’ll meet back up next week with a lot of progressive rock in our futures.


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