Thirty Second Soda Slam (a.k.a. The Escape to Whimsy)

Remember when I talked about how good Mountain Dew Spiked was? Well, Taco Bell apparently agrees, so they put it in the fountains of all their restaurants. However, the drink ended up replacing Sangrita Blast, a Taco Bell-exclusive flavor. This is problematic, in a few different ways.

Sangrita is my single favorite flavor of Dew. It’s a lot better than Baja, for sure. It’s a cherry-pomegranate flavor. Aside from pomegranate being a rather bizarre fruit to make soda out of, you’d think it be similar to Code Red, but no. This soda has a very harsh and acidic sour flavor, and I love sour things in general. It’s very bold, and thus, I think it’s the perfect compliment to “natural” beef covered in radioactive orange goop just barely resembling nacho cheese.

For as much as I love the soda, I suppose the Spiked is a worthy successor. I love the stuff so much that I don’t care much if it’s replacing an exclusive flavor of soda. I just hope Sangrita ain’t gone from the fountains forever. And maybe it’ll get a release in stores some time soon.

Now, they also recently got rid of Diet Mountain Dew in the fountains. That flavor got replaced with… Gatorade. Yup. I guess they want to represent PepsiCo’s entire arsenal of drinks, but what is there to gain from Gatorade at Taco Bell? Who’s buying it? Does Isaiah Thomas go there and I never knew about it? How weird.


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