Pink Bori Plushie #6Z: Fappy 486

Chtholly hypnosis tape

Before we get to Altador Cup results, some big news: Neopets is under new ownership… again! JumpStart sold themselves to NetDragon, a Chinese company with a penchant for game-type stuff. It doesn’t seem like much is gonna happen right now, since JS will be operating as a subsidiary of that company, but these blokes do mention Neopets as an important property (as well as Math Blaster… which I haven’t really heard of in years), so I want to expect they‘ll ask for some much needed TLC to the site at some point.

Other than that, I have no idea how this’ll shake out. JumpStart has not been good to this site ever since the first acquisition, especially considering the mass lay-offs which don’t allow for even half the milquetoast effort Viacom was putting in. Honestly, I miss those guys. Hopefully, NetDragon is open to listening to this site’s fans so things can be popular and good again. If you look in the linked Jellyneo article, you’ll see quite a few of them left to ponder the mystery.

Okay, AC XII recap. Kiko Lake won their second cup in three years, triumphing over Kreludor and Maraqua. Mystery Island, meanwhile, finished in 14th, not last, and I got Rank 2. Overall, that’s less than I wanted, but I did take a trip to Pennsylvania during the Cup and only have access to a netbook with a broken space bar. I could only play Make Some Noise on it, which I did a couple times, but that was nowhere near enough. At least I got a nice-looking Mystery Island jersey for my troubles, plus a good Battledome weapon for guessing in the staff tournament.

Until then, feast upon the blatantly recycled artwork you see up there. Man, Mr. Cellers really gets around… but he shouldn’t be so angry.


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