A little bit…. reasonable?

Hey… I just wanted to make a post for all of everyone in the room. Yes, even you. That guy at the computer, or alternatively a phone?

You matter. I hope that seems clear enough to you. There are a lot of stupid motherfuckers on this planet who seek to destroy us, whether it be through psychological torture (everything’s alright… really!) or pure, unadulterated fatalism. The guy upstairs who is practically egging a nuclear war to happen deserves to be IGNORED. Seriously, it’s only going to be more likely to happen if more people say this out.

A lot of awful things have happened this year, and quite frankly, there are just going to be more and more that happen in the years ahead. But I say we keep a positive attitude through all of this (though maybe not optimism) and just take the future one shank at a time. Never shut up. Keep calling your representatives and stuff, and maybe punch a few evil henchmen in the process. I know in my heart that this universe is fucked, but it is able to be un-fucked. Basically, if you can think you’ll do it, it won’t be good if you keep complaining about it. Maybe our children (if we choose to have them) will see it all through.

And please… do practice self-care. You don’t have to be admitted to prison for nine years or so until you somehow gain an eternal sense of goodness, but please: Enough with the Twittering. Try taking breaks once in a while. Watch TV shows, talk about ’em with your friends. Do better in the world through taking up a new hobby, or maybe learn a new language. Anything, anything at all to destroy the eternal shackles of horror from an awful administration you live under.

Just… be better, okay? I see too many people who live under a cloud of black, never seeing leaves of green. But I also see others who are perfectly happy without ever mentioning politics. I know in my heart that the best society is populated with people who do the former with style and grace. And shitposts, so they can make me laugh, but enough with this!


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