Pink Bori Plushie #7: Yes, Indeed

There’s no image this time. It’d make me seem fucking autistic if I did it yet again… even though I am. But that’s not the point.

So I recently applied for a job application for Jellyneo. It was for the Battlepedia, and while I didn’t get the job in the end, it was a rather fun experience, and I guess it’s something archaic but notable I can put on my resume. So now let’s get back to the Continuing Adventures of Our New Chinese Overlords™, NetDragon®

So a little bit before the takeover happened, JumpStart brought back the Petpet Protection League with new “surprises” every week, as if we’d ever be gullible enough to think they wouldn’t take it away. And last month, the Caption Contest returned! Zoo wee mama. You can rest easy in knowing that the featured captions have gotten less funny with age, but the new ones are… rather interesting. They don’t seem to feature the opinions of background objects, for one, but they do have more memes. Take a look.

Personally, I’ve had very good luck on the resident Neo features recently. I got an expensive petpetpet from the Coincidence daily, and one of my attempts at fishing the Vortex got an Aisha Transmogrification Potion (the latter of which I’ve posted to /r/neopets, in here). So please, I hope my luck rubs off on whoever else needs in their Neo careers. You make even a shitty week worth dying for.

And that’s basically it. Apparently, that new plot JumpStart has been teasing us about starts in November. In the meantime, please come up with your best potential spoofs of it. Maybe the TVTropes page for this website can help you brainstorm? It’s been updated for everyone’s general enjoyment.


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