Pink Bori Plushie #8: His Stone Pie is Really a Camera

Just so you know, this’ll probably be the last edition for a while. I want to focus on other features as we all roll merrily towards the upcoming plot.

So here’s what my Neo experience is like right now…

  • My Lab Ray luck is shit. I can’t get a colour change for the life of me, even if it’s rare enough to begin with. Even the version for Petpets isn’t paying off. I did get one lab-exclusive pet, but it was a Gold Noil. I do know that there’s supposed to be a special message that shows when you get one, but it didn’t for me. Probably because it’s not too memorable. Yeah… gold. The PB is worth 500K, but I can’t guarantee it’s because people want their own Gold pet.
  • And speaking of rotten luck, whenever I do Coltzan’s Shrine, it only gives stat increases to my pets if I don’t go with Desmond. I’m often mad when, say, Natascha gets a boost in movement, but even this worthless honor would be more worthy for a battle pet.
  • I recently hit a milestone in the bank… twenty million NeoPoints! But then I took a good portion of it out to buy a Bag of Healing Dust. Finally, a percentage healer for Desmond. I guess I’m in the major leagues now.
  • I keep forgetting to register for the Obelisk Skirmishes. In my earlier Neo days, never did I think we would see a perpetual BD event that gives out great dosh and/or prizes. So I should be taking advantage of this, right? Well, fuck no. I’m even registered to a guild on my side that basically rigs the event in their favor, so I should actually log on there once in a while and check. But when I do know, I can’t even muster up the strength to sign up. Yes… all of two fucking clicks, but I miss it. How pathetic am I, really?
  • Doing Neopets while on the effects of Adderall can be pretty interesting. It’s like the time Bobby Hill knew when the milk was going to expire. You’re able to see the nuances of everything better… and how badly this site is actually maintained. The News page, you keep clicking on by mistake, so you can see that the page is still talking about the Faeries giving daily quests for every week of the year. Also, they never made a main page banner for AAA’s Revenge, as if JumpStart made a blood pact with Flash to continue being their primary content creator. Good grief. Even my favorite Flash cartoon sites are starting to embrace the new age of HTML5.

And that brings me to the newest event on Neo… the Faerie Festival. And JumpStart has actually put some effort into this thing, introducing a brand new faerie from Shenkuu named Kaia. They even broke out the Neopedia for a new article which suggests even Neopia doesn’t look kindly upon immigrants. Don’t fret, however, because she’s become well-loved at home in Faerieland, and… eh, maybe that Xweetok was right, I guess. But you should play the NEW HTML5 NEOPETS MINIGAME DAILY SORT OF THING… 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕪𝕖𝕒𝕙, and there are also such things as free soup from the Soup Faerie (this just in, the soup store is lame, go here instead) and… that’s actually it. But enjoy the new event, please. This might be the best Faerie Festival since 2010.

There’s even been what might be an accidental tease towards this aforementioned plot (supposedly, it drops in November). What with these “Wraith Resurgance” items in the NC Mall, and an avatar…

It’s like a little movie in my browser! Enjoy the Halloween season, everyone.


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