Talkin’ About Anime Club

To make a long story short, I recently joined some sort of academic society that stresses leadership and success, and all of that stuff… probably. And I was put into a group with people who have the same mindset about the world as I do. They’re blacks and whites, with one woman who wants to be a nurse and another who switched his major to political science… they all care about me, and each other, for that matter. I’d never make it all about myself.

We all made goals to work on throughout the next year. Mine was simply to make more friends. Basically, I’m heavily introverted, and afraid others will make fun of my for personal opinions. In the past, I was insulted over what Star Wars scenes I thought were the best, and I guess that seriously fucked up my brain, so I’ve been afraid to express my opinions for a long time since. But this group offered me a shining opportunity to change that. I want to talk to people, about interests! There’s so many things to watch, see, and do. And I can exchange phone numbers with them as a sign of trust. I wanted to communicate with those I already felt confident about in my college classes, as well as join new clubs to find stuff to do… including the campus anime club.

Talk about something almost resembling my holy grail… or my white whale, in terms of more recent anime. I even wonder why I never made that post praising Re:ZERO for Toonami… but yeah, Rem is best girl, I guess. We talked about it this past Wednesday! How exciting. I was always afraid of joining any anime club at the schools for a markedly different reason: they might have bad taste. I found out quickly that they do try to watch anime legally, even though they made the cardinal sin of thinking KissAnime is a legal site. I came in, people were talking about One Piece, and then it sort of dawned on me that the place might not be so bad. After that, it was time to stand in a circle (I didn’t understand at all… why the game was called “Fruits Basket”) and espouse some opinions. Exactly the kind of thing I signed up for, you see!

The major thing I found out was that the group does prefer Log Horizon over Sword Art Online. What a fucking miracle. I’ll need to wear my corresponding shirt of the former in the next meeting. And apparently we’ve all watched Toonami before and currently have Crunchyroll subscriptions… me knows I’ve been negative about those subjects before, but I have nothing but approval for their tastes. One of the questions I asked was if anyone had seen Kemono Friends. But just a single person did, and talking about Grape-kun didn’t get any tangible response. It’s disappointing, but there’s always enough time for introductions.

And at the end, we did watch the first episode of this show, which I guess is the standard issue. And this time, it was… uh, Love and Lies. Yeah, I’ve already heard some pretty bad things about that show, and watching the episode pretty much amounted to the world’s longest continuous eyeroll. Twenty-three minutes of blech. Sorry guys, but I’ve seen nobody on Anitwitter sing the praises of that one, and the ANN reviews were pretty damning. But let’s try harder next week, since I guess I’ve now found another loving home at this college.

So yeah, if you like anime, and there’s a club for it wherever you are, join it. Or you can make one your own damn self. That’s all I have to say for the right now.


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