Not Pink Bori Plushie

This was originally going to pertain to the new Neopets plot, but honestly, it’s just been bad to a surreal extent, and very phoned in even by my extremely low standards. So fuck it, because this is now a post about saving net neutrality… again.

I don’t agree with the people who said we shouldn’t bother saving it because the end result was already decided in the last presidential election, although I do sympathize with them, because elections have consequences. But that point never stopped us from preventing the ACA repeal multiple times. So right now, all you can really do is make some calls, not to Congress, but to the FCC offices. And there are three guys you can email who work at the FCC and will ultimately be responsible for the final vote. Hit up Michael O’Reilly, Brendan Carr, and Ajit Pai himself, and once you do, make sure to have a nice day.

Please… do it so at least one more person in the world can enjoy their virtual pet website, and their porn. But it sure as hell won’t be me. =O


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