Thirty Second Soda Slam (a.k.a. The Escape to Whimsy)

Remember when I talked about how good Mountain Dew Spiked was? Well, Taco Bell apparently agrees, so they put it in the fountains of all their restaurants. However, the drink ended up replacing Sangrita Blast, a Taco Bell-exclusive flavor. This is problematic, in a few different ways.

Sangrita is my single favorite flavor of Dew. It’s a lot better than Baja, for sure. It’s a cherry-pomegranate flavor. Aside from pomegranate being a rather bizarre fruit to make soda out of, you’d think it be similar to Code Red, but no. This soda has a very harsh and acidic sour flavor, and I love sour things in general. It’s very bold, and thus, I think it’s the perfect compliment to “natural” beef covered in radioactive orange goop just barely resembling nacho cheese.

For as much as I love the soda, I suppose the Spiked is a worthy successor. I love the stuff so much that I don’t care much if it’s replacing an exclusive flavor of soda. I just hope Sangrita ain’t gone from the fountains forever. And maybe it’ll get a release in stores some time soon.

Now, they also recently got rid of Diet Mountain Dew in the fountains. That flavor got replaced with… Gatorade. Yup. I guess they want to represent PepsiCo’s entire arsenal of drinks, but what is there to gain from Gatorade at Taco Bell? Who’s buying it? Does Isaiah Thomas go there and I never knew about it? How weird.

The Spoils of Irreverence

Happy college finals week, everyone! Or perhaps two of them, because I don’t know how this is scheduled for most people. But I have finals this week: For Chemistry, Engineering Physics (which I’ve been certain I’ll fail even before this last test), and Calculus… I.

I have a test today for Chemistry, but it’s actually not the final. I just get one more test before the final is posted online starting Wednesday. It’s cool how the teacher lets us review the last part of the course before the giant cumulative test at the end, but I imagine this is not suitable for everyone. But this culture groomed me on taking tests, and as long as they’re not standardized, I’ll study hard for them and hopefully do well.

Calculus was actually the same way, only we were tested on antiderivatives and basic integration last week before the final. I really hope I pass this course, since I’m serious about going into a field of engineering (electrical, maybe), so I want to have the math skills to back me up. I can just smell that sweet STEM money coming from a mile away…

To everyone else: Good luck on your tests. Hopefully, we’ll meet back up next week with a lot of progressive rock in our futures.

Unreasonable Verve

Right now, I feel like I keep hitting a wall. It’s mostly because I started taking my ADHD medicine again. I do 54 mg of Concerta… or, I did back in high school. I started taking it again as a way of making sure I study for the things I need to before the end of my college semester. Basically, I needed a massive boost to my senses. Concerta helps me stay focused on class, so long as I’m actually concentrating on the teacher, and it also gives me an energy boost. It’s like Ritalin, but a bit less concentrated. Maybe you can’t get high on it.

The downside is that the medicine… well, it makes me edgy. I felt like it was making me more introverted back in high school, which is kinda bad since I already am one to the hardcore, but I guess I can overcome it with enough sheer willpower. It locks me into whatever my brain is thinking, and that’s the other real downside. With Concerta, I must be thinking of something at all times, and it doesn’t always involve what I’m being educated on. It also seems to increase some OCD-esque habits I have, as well as burping. So that can be a problem. But it’s pretty good when I’m in class because, at least for this week, I actually feel like I’ve retained the knowledge of what I’ve learned. Basically, ask me about Lewis structures, which is chemistry. I’ve got that shit covered front to back, and I can draw you a model of carbon dioxide if you want. Double bonds, please. Double bonds!

So yeah. Medicine, I ain’t a fan of, but it helps me, so I’m not sure I can complain about it. And seemingly 75% of the Internet is autistic and/or has ADHD, so I’d love to hear your experiences with medicine. Just drop me a comment. I guess I don’t have any for a single article in my blog, and I’d like to fix that. So please: Whatever keeps my satisfaction levels up.

Dawn of the THOUGHTBOX: Power Rangers

(image courtesy of Deadline)

Here’s a new segment, because I need one for dedicated opinions on TV shows, movies, and whatnot. So this time, it’s the new Power Rangers movie. As someone who only barely watched the shows when I was younger but did dress up as a Ranger twice for Halloween, it’s taken me a while to get acquainted with this shit. And via Linkara’s History of Power Rangers videos, the recent Twitch stream of almost every episode of the series made so far, and now this Hollywood (by way of Vancouver) movie, I’ve probably taken the douchiest possible route to the center of the fandom. And for the latter… well, I liked it, but mostly because I knew what kind of movie I was getting to start with.

Spoilers below, of course.

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